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About InHouseGroup3

At InHouseGroup3, we follow a simple philosophy: to focus on excellence in delivering high quality services for the design and building industry, based on strong and authentic relationships. This philosophy is augmented by our three branches of services: CPD – Events, On-Site Presentations and Workshops.

We aim to facilitate the connection and communication of people in the building and design industry by offering a full suite of high quality services and providing Continuous Professional Development services to architects, designers and builders.

Continuing our efforts to strengthen the collaboration between professionals in the design and building industry, as of January 2018, InHouseGroup3 plans to launch The Architectural Marketplace. The Architectural Marketplace provides a platform for professionals to showcase their products/services to their specific target audience, to further build lasting relationships with architects, designers, and builders while expanding our market possibilities throughout Australia.

Meet Our Team
Alain H Chazelles

Growing up as the son of an architect, Alain has been closely associated with the design and construction industry his whole life. Leaving school at 14 he took on an apprenticeship in the building industry, learning each stage from A-Z. Very independent, Alain created his first company at the age of 21. This followed with an interior design business four years later, an industry he has been working in ever since.

Nadia Cabon
Business Development Manager

With a background of teaching business administration for 24 years Nadia came on board four years ago to use her skills and experience as the Business Development Manager. Expanding the company to other states and introducing the architectural marketplace. With her dedicated team of administration staff the company has quadrupled in size.

Kim Carzo
Client Liaison Specialist

Brisbane and Perth
0414 404 750

Vikki McDonnell
Client Liaison Specialist

0416 421 114

Joanne Veronese
Client Liaison Specialist

0416 421 114

Chloe Smith
Administrative Support

9636 9956

Get Architects and Designers to Specify your Products and Services

Architectural Marketplace
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  • Avoca Beach House

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  • Avoca Beach House

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  • Architectural Marketplace
    Workshops for building and design industry

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  • Marketplace for Builders
    Marketplace for Designers

    DFO Homebush

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