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Get Architects and Designers to Specify your Product or Services

Why become a presenter:

Becoming a presenter allows you to talk face-to-face to a small but carefully targeted audience- instead of mass-marketing your product via anonymous email sending or endless twittering. Our clients will increasingly come to recognise you and your company as the leading experts in your area, and our existing speakers will tell you that this can bring you a significant increase in business.

Your Benefits:

Exposure to a new customer base of high profile building professionals and large architectural firms;
Potential business opportunities – experience has shown that attendees are much more likely to call on your services in the future;
Industry recognition within your field and association with a various industry leaders.

What are we looking for:

We are looking for presenters in Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Dynamic presenters who combine expert knowledge with a captivating delivery manner, and enthusiasm for creating a great learning experience.

Get Architects and Designers to Specify your Products and Services

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