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Hearing Induction Loops – Meeting the standards with the right Solutions


1 Formal CPD Hour
3:00 pm AEST



Presented by Christopher Ling


There is an increased need in society to be inclusive for people who are reliant more and more on hearing augmentation systems. This has been well documented in recent updates to Building certification and meeting BCA standards for occupancy.

With developments in technology there are a lot of options at various levels of budget and functionality. This makes understanding the right solution for each space and application crucial to identify and execute.

This presentation will be delivered in consideration of all the factors involved in these considerations from identifying the purpose of a space through to executing the solution and everything in between.


At the end of this presentation attendees will be able to:

• Identify the different technologies available
• Understand the decisions behind which technology applies to different types of spaces



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02 Sep 2022


03:00 PM




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