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About the Project

The unique project required a complete re-vamp of approximately 1200m2 worth of flooring within the centre. Given the flooring would be located directly out the front of premium and high end shop fronts, a durable yet very aesthetically appealing solution that tied in with the decorative theme of the surrounding store fascias was needed. A key requirement for this project was that the same finish and effect that was applied to the flooring would also need to be applied to a 40m long ramp at a slope of 1:40 leading into the centre. This required special attention during the planning stages of the project. A challenge for this project was the application of the flooring while the centre was still trading as well as having renovations carried out to other areas.

About the Company

Firmstone Flooring Specialists, with their extensive experience were sub-contracted by Mainbrace for this project. Before construction begun, a timber mock-up of the flooring was made to ensure that the finish matched the architects artists impression. Once this was approved, Sika and Firmstone began work on the floor. Working in areas of 300m2 , the floor was vacuum ground before being primed with Sikafloor 160, a 2-part solvent free, epoxy primer and binder used in past flooring systems such as the MCG and Perth Arena. Sikafloor 160 was then mixed with the silver and grey metallic shards which would ultimately give the floor the desired metallic effect.

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