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About the Project

Project brief supplied to DiEmme by Splitwatermelon Design and The Epping Club.

Samples of the crystal were sourced and a prototype section made for presentation.

The prototype was also used to confirm the internal lighting configuration in conjunction with Haron Robson.

The Chandelier frame was engineered and fabricated at our DiEmme studios. The design allowed for the framework to be carried into the foyer in sections. The final welding and finishing of the frame was completed within the club foyer during the night.

Mirror Stainless steel cladding was used to the external framework rings and for the crystal suspension.

As the structure was completed the stands of crystal were attached until all five tiers and some 2220 individual lengths of crystal were attached, bringing the total number of crystals to just fewer than one hundred thousand individual pieces.

The internal LED lamps offer a bright energy efficient method of illumination. The crystals show their full prismatic qualities and are reflected through the space.

The final effect of the chandelier is of a huge array of sparkling crystals seemingly hovering in the air, floating within the foyer.

About the Company

Our creative team has diverse skills in carpentry, metalwork, fibreglass molding, sculpting and more. We also employ experienced project managers who oversee the process from design development to installation, ensuring our clients enjoy a smooth ride for the entire creative journey.

We are passionate, collaborative and inventive. We find solutions to deliver the outcomes you require for your project, to truly realise the original concept.

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