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About Us

As the founders of Activity Based Working, Veldhoen + Company has worked with innovative, forward-thinking clients on over 300 projects, worldwide, throughout our 30-year history. Our mission is to ‘Create a better world of work’. We do this by partnering with clients to consider how an organisation’s workplace and the way of working can be used as a strategic business lever that benefits staff, organisations and customers alike.

We work with clients across a range of sectors including healthcare, education, local, state and federal government, banking and more.

Services we provide include:

  • Strategic facilitation including Inspiration and Aspiration sessions, concept development and more
  • Data gathering and analysis related to the usage and perception of the workplace
  • Trainings for teams moving into Activity Based Working and/or agile workplace e.g. Leading Mobile Teams, Etiquettes etc.
  • Advising project teams and executives on critical success factors for workplace implementation initiatives


The Challenge

Two Melbourne based energy companies, Red Energy and Lumo Energy, had the opportunity to merge geographically separate parts of the business together under one roof. The goal was to create a place where people wanted to work, where their people were their greatest advocates, and where the following key opportunities could be realised:

  • Facilitating a cultural shift to bring values to life and create “one culture”
  • Harnessing diversity to drive innovation
  • Building organisational and learning agility

Results of the workplace transformation and partnership with Veldhoen + Company

Red Energy’s post-move scores with Leesman, a research organisation focussed on workplace experience, came in at 75.6; an achievement that placed Red Energy in the Leesman+ category (awarded to only the top 5% of workplaces in the Leesman Index).

Substantial increases in key areas (relative to pre-move results) indicated significant improvements to the perception of how the workplace supported staff, including:

  • 30 points for Pride (57% increase)
  • 15 points for Productivity (25% increase)
  • 12 points for Enjoyment (20% increase)

Other key indicators showed that the new workspace and way of working had organisational benefits too. Such as:

  • Improving corporate image an increase of 24 points (41% increase)
  • Improving the workplace culture an increase of 6 points (9% increase)

Contact Us

Martijn Joosten

Managing Partner, Veldhoen + Company ANZ

Phone: +61 448 458 835

Email: martijn@veldhoencompany.com

Eoin Higgins

Senior Consultant, Veldhoen + Company ANZ

Phone: +61 407 411 684

Email: eoin@veldhoencompany.com