1 Formal CPD Hour

1 Hour Online Presentation




Formal CPD Workshop – The Day (Lighting) of The Triffids.

Presented by Carl Gray

The popularity of green walls, green facades, and indoor landscapes has rapidly increased over the last few years; and designers and clients’ expectations of these have been raised.

Everyone knows that plants need light to grow, but there is a lot of confusion and misinformation about how much and what sort of light is needed; and where and when. And getting it wrong can mean risking death (quite literally)!


Where previously growth lighting involved a lot of trial an error; it is now possible to be accurate and effective in predicting and designing the lighting environment for green infrastructure.

The presenter will demystify growth lighting; explaining how natural daylight, white light (including LED), and horticultural light sources can be used to meet plants’ lighting needs, while integrating the project’s architecture.


At the end of this presentation attendees will:

  • Understand plants’ lighting needs (amount, spectrum, and timing);
  • Be aware of the metrics used to quantify plant-specific lighting;
  • Understand how daylight availability for green facades can be assessed;
  • Be aware of the different approaches and opportunities for growth support via electric lighting.


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